“get hip”

“urban nu-sense” is a movement.


our mission

Our mission is to promote the creation and celebration of urban art forms in our region. In doing this, we aspire to provide an environment for members of the urban arts community to create and celebrate urban art. “urban nu-sense” will commit to stand for justice, equality and humanity, seeking to incite our community to movement through the use of urban art forms.
a collective.

“urban nu-sense” is not made up of one type of individual any more than it could be made up of one individual. In an effort to promote, support and celebrate the world of urban art forms and movements, “urban nu-sense” opens its doors and arms to any person who loves urban art, believes in the need for social change and growth, and feels under-represented either in their personal community or the world community.

Because of the broad range of art forms under the umbrella of urban art, and because of the desire to ensure representation of as many of these art forms as possible, “urban nu-sense” is a collective, one open to all lovers of urban art.

a common-unity.

When you dissect the word “community,” you find at the root of both the word and the concept behind a “common-unity.” A community is made up of individuals who are bound by something in common; demographics, cultural elements and tastes, goals and aspirations. Any one, or all of these things can bring people together for a common cause.

“urban nu-sense” aspires to do just that.

By focusing on art forms and social issues which tend to be under-represented in mainstream culture, we look to provide an environment in which people can both create and celebrate creation. Through a variety of community based activities, “urban nu-sense” will work to establish and maintain a voice for urban culture in this region, drawing people based on their related beliefs, values and lifestyles, building a long-standing common-unity.

in essence…

…”urban nu-sense” has tapped into a community of strong, dynamic people who love urban art forms. Guided by the belief everyone needs connectivity and common-unity, we will dedicate ourselves to offering these people an anchored environment in which to create and celebrate urban art.

a movement.

“urban nu-sense” holds to a primary desire to promote the creation and celebration of urban art forms, such as spoken word and slam poetry, underground world music, street, urban and ethnic dance, and a variety of visual art mediums including graffiti, graphic design and sculpture.

This desire is accompanied by a passion for justice, equality and humanity in a world society which sometimes lacks the fortitude to stand for its people as it should.

It is imperative to understand the word “urban” is not directly related to people’s race, gender, age or socio-economic status. “urban” represents the under-represented in many cases…the idea of fast paced progression is one which comes to mind readily in regards to the word.

The combination of these creates the need for a movement, one in which the use of urban art can catalyze collectives with a common-unity to work and stand for what is right.

“urban nu-sense” is this fast paced progression.

“urban nu-sense” is a movement.